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"I believe in Art the way people believe in God." -Lidia Yuknavitch

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This is how thoroughly we women have been sexualized, that we cannot make the kind of noises that come with physical exertion without it being associated with sex. In fact, everything about our bodies has been sexualized in one way or another. If we groan during sport or we breast-feed in public, we are criticized for making people think about sex. If we talk openly about things like menstruation and poop and farts, then we are criticized for making people not want to think about sex.

Think about what it means to be ladylike and all of the adjectives that go along with it: elegant, cultured, classy, sophisticated. To be successful at being feminine means being successful at being private, keeping your body’s natural functions behind closed doors and never letting anyone know they exist. It means to be constrained, that you do not let your legs spread wide in public transportation and you do not make noises that are harsh on the ears. It means presenting a polished, shiny surface to the world at all times, one that allows others to project whatever they wish onto you while never showing too much of your true self.

Why girls are such girls

I want to be free to say stupid things and not be taken for stupid.

From my diction and inflection it will be clear that I’m being ironic even when I’m not. My sarcasm will flow through you unabated and my ignorance will not spoil the emotion. When I pronounce words incorrectly and tongue-trip incessantly, you will find it endearing without being patronising.

When I pause to think, not because I don’t know what to say, but because in the presence of others I often forget how to say it, you will realise that I’m thoughtfully articulating instead of internally gesticulating worries about how best to come off to you, so I can come on to you, in the hope of coming all over you, when I come over later.

Your suspicion of my inhibitions will be laid to rest once you’ve engendered every sense of the word confidence in me, because rather unfortunately, my confidence isn’t innate; it’s slow shy land turtles that poke their heads out only when it’s safe. With minds in full view and thoughts made of glass, our lives will switch on like gaudy crystal lighting. This shining combination will blind you to what I desperately need you (not) to see.

When I speak, jet-stream rainbows will shoot from my mouth, my candy-coated tongue will stimulate your salivary glands, and your blood-sugar levels will skyrocket.

I want you to be free to say stupid things and not be taken for stupid. Because stupid has got a bad rap through overuse. Girls are not stupid by virtue of being girls. Some are stupid by virtue of being borne. But this has fuck all to do with being girls; it has all the fuck to do with being us.

-Ani Smith,